March Manifesto (2014)

1. Art should not be wallpaper for the rich.

2. We work together and apart with equality, consideration and generosity.

3. All work produced is hypothesis.

4. We are public servants: we are not in competition.

5. We acknowledge the crushing sadness and pain of complacency and routine.

6. There is challenge everywhere: every place and every action is rich with questions.

7. It is possible to suffer well and yet remain an artist.

8. Love –and by extension creativity – is not possessive, acquisitive, bounded, nor does it come at a price.

9. We are living with ghosts: our creativity is directed towards an attempt to see them more clearly.

10. Upon seeing a role, heckles should raise.

11. We are workers, together.

12. We are possessed by place, we become place.

13. We are residents who accept our role of tourist at home, and thus are responsible not only for the way the place is seen but for how it is lived.

14. We are tourists… seeing the sights… houses, gardens, glimpses behind walls, historical sites and natural wonders, private property, closed on Tuesdays, free on Thursdays.

15. Our point-of-view is constantly shifting through time, language, memory, reflection and fantasy.

16. Being homeless, we cannot be nostalgic.

17. This isn’t literary fiction: it really happened.

18. We do not adopt roles, play ironic games, or countenance such outmoded forms.

19. We are not of a crowd – in or otherwise.

20. Life is a temporary thing, a movement, a chain of meanings and imbricated histories: a place marked and swiftly abandoned.

21. Death is the starting point of wonder.

22. We want to sense our world while we can – fully now and in memory.

23. We are a partnership, critical and ever changing.