understanding through:

     the movement of a foot

     a slip of the tongue

     the angle of a head

     a kiss in a doorway at night

     a slow walk across a field

     a finger touching a phone

     running a hand through the grass

     whispering a question, secretly

     footsteps on gravel/concrete/asphalt

     loving in a forest

     sitting on a bench in a train station

     building a pile of rocks

     camping in the stillness

     looking at the rain in the old town

     climbing stairs

     the ways a heart can be broken

     a crick in the neck

     trying to touch the sky – and succeeding

     trying to forget someone

     a fast walk on a pavement

     giving names to anonymous objects

     a rucksack full of books

     listening to the dawn chorus

     a drunken one night stand – regretted

     being happy and alone

     believing something you know to be untrue